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How to Fix “No Audio Output Device is Installed” Error on Windows 11 6 Solutions

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Right-click on the Start icon in the Taskbar or press Windows + X to launch the Quick Access menu then select Device Manager. After updating the driver, make sure to restart the Audio service. Our how to reinstall the Wi-Fi driver in Windows 11 guide might also interest you. Fast thumbnail generation in Explorer for all your video files. If you want use the Adobe Flash plugin for opening .swf files in MPC-HC or another compatible player you need to patch the Flash ActiveX plugin. This is needed because it officially stopped working after January 12th 2021.

If you are using Microsoft Edge, there is no Sound setting within the browser as audio is directly handled by Windows 11. First, in the tab where you are playing a song or a video, right-click on the tab in the title bar and check if you have muted the tab or not. If so, click on “Unmute site” in the drop-down menu, and the audio should start playing right away. Use the “Windows + Download Here R” keyboard shortcut to open the Run prompt. Having done that, scroll down and make sure todisable the “Enhance audio” toggle. Sometimes, users face no sound issue on Windows 11 when this setting is turned on, so it’s better to keep it turned off.

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Right click on audio icon from taskbar click Playback devices select Speakers/HP click Properties go to Advanced tab uncheck “Enable audio enhancements” click Apply, click Ok. Find the properties for your output device, click on the Dolby tab, then click on the power button to turn it off. You can even do it as you’re listening to something to tell the difference. Not sure what effect Dolby was going for, but it makes everything sound like elevator music.

Poor PC Audio Quality or ‘No Audio Device’ Problems

Realtek offers support for most of its devices online. This support includes the option to download Windows drivers for many of their devices. Hopefully, one of these methods may assist you in updating your audio driver and resolving any problems you may be experiencing. Keep in mind that updating your drivers is generally a great idea, not only for your audio. Using Windows Update is one technique of upgrading audio drivers.

To manually update Realtek drivers for a specific hardware, you can do so via Device Manager in Windows 11. First, search for and open “Device Manager” via Start menu. After uninstalling the driver, you can install it again from the manufacturer’s website. If you want to reinstall it, you should download the latest version from the manufacturer’s website.

Restore Sound Driver on Windows 10, 8, 7 | Reinstall Sound Driver

We hope you find the aforementioned information much helpful. Another way to go about reinstalling a sound driver on your PC is to manually download the driver from the PC manufacturer’s website and install it on your device. For example, if you use a Lenovo computer, simply visit the official Lenovo support website and navigate to the Resource/Download section. If the Windows Device Manager and Troubleshooter couldn’t fetch the sound driver back to your PC, there are third-party applications that also gets the job done.

Download and Install Audio Driver depending on your OEM

A new window will open with a list of all the drivers in your system. Make sure the sound card you have installed is compatible with your computer. Next to “Sound, video, and game controllers.” It’s listed in the Device Manager.

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